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crazy farmer. lovely people.

What is important to us

The BergBaur loves you all

Whether nature freaks, daydreamers, lovers, globetrotters, sloths, weekend connoisseurs, travelers passing through, motorhome fans, mountain hikers, stargazers or just normal family people - at BergBaur everyone is welcome who has a pinch of adventure and likes it simple and warm .

What is there?

The BergBaur has everything you need. Nothing too much and everything very simple. The Farmer Family offers you space to sleep, to relax and to satisfy your hunger. For hanging out after hiking and relaxing after skiing. Feel free and at home. 


Do you actually know why the BergBaur is written without an "e"?  Quite simply: we are quite sustainable and even do without letters if we don't need them. You can find out more about our sustainability concept here .

BergBaur Club / Newsletter

If you want to be the first to find out about the latest experiences and adventures at BergBaur, cool deals and specials, you're in good hands in the "BergBaur Club". Simply enter your e-mail address and you are already part of the BergBaur community. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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