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at the Großvenediger

  • Wie sollte man am besten beim BergBaur buchen?
    Am besten direkt online bei uns. Hier klicken, um zu buchen.
  • Wenn wir stornieren müssen - was ist dann?
    Gebt uns bitte zeitig eine kurze Info durch. Dann versuchen wir ganz flexibel eine gute Lösung zu finden: am besten verlegen wir den Zeitpunkt für euch oder stellen einen Gutschein aus. Details zu den Stornoregelungen findet ihr bei "Sleep & Chill".
  • What are the check-in and check-out times?
    On the day of arrival you can move into your fresh room or apartment from 3 p.m. On the day of departure we ask you to vacate the room by 11 a.m. Do you already know our "Early Check-in" or "Late Check-out"? No? Then the next question is right.
  • Also is it possible to stay before check in or after check out?
    I'd love to. Use every minute at BergBaur - even if you arrive earlier or want to stay longer. Just let us know when you want to come or leave. We store your luggage safely. So you can still fully enjoy the day of arrival and departure.
  • Is cancellation insurance worth it?
    Definitely. Click here to find the right travel insurance. With this you are prepared for all eventualities and can look forward to your time at BergBaur without any worries.
  • Habt ihr schnelles WLAN?
    Yep! Die Schnelligkeit ist trotz unserer Alleinlage recht flott.
  • What is the "Alpine Jungle Mural" all about?"
    A complete page of the "Farmer's Home" is decorated with the huge, 150 sqm artwork "Alpine Jungle" by the Austrian street artist Max Wesemeier. The "Mural" contains many highlights that you can experience in our home in the alpine jungle: from natural spectacles to special cuisine to the crazy-friendly farmer family. It is worth discovering the work of art in peace.
  • Do palm trees really grow in the palm house?
    It would be nice! Palm trees can be found directly in front of the palm house. Get a drink or snack across from the DailyDeli and enjoy your BergBaur time under the palm trees.
  • Do you also have a shop?
    This is also available at BergBaur - directly at the Welcome Point (reception). There you will find nice souvenirs for the loved ones who are waiting for you at home. Tip: the "BergBaur Sticker Collection" with casual stickers for BergBaur fans is also available at the Welcome Point. Choose your favorite stickers - for you - for free!
  • Wie kommt man am einfachsten zum BergBaur?
    Alle Wege führen zum BergBaur. Einfach auf Find me klicken und den Routenplaner nutzen.
  • Can you park your car or motorbike?
    Of course, we have plenty of space - in the parking garage or around the hotel.
  • Do you have an e-charging station?
    Yes, directly in the parking garage.
  • What about mobile homes?
    We look forward to vacationers who bring their home on wheels and want to experience one of the most beautiful views of the Pinzgau mountains. You can find all the information here .
  • What is a "Kamal"?"
    In Oberpinzgau we simply say "Kamal" to a room.
  • Do you only have rooms or also apartments with kitchens?
    In addition to our cozy kamal (rooms), we also have great, spacious apartments with kitchens.
  • What does "BergBaur Glamping" mean?"
    It's actually very simple: glamping combines glamor and camping. Proximity to nature, just without having to do without some amenities. Your own pop-up paradise, so to speak! What BergBaur has to offer in terms of glamping you can find here.
  • How does an overnight stay in the Sleeperoo Cube work?
    Your sleeping cube awaits you in an absolutely secluded location, only 300 m away from BergBaur, so that this experience really belongs to you. The Cube has been cleaned and the mattress (1.60 m x 2.00 m) is covered with fresh, fine bed linen. Your toilet with washing facilities is only 300m away. Please bring towels and toiletries with you. When the weather is nice, you can open the privacy and weather protection of the sleeperoo to experience the atmosphere of your spot up close. If it rains or there is a strong wind, close the tarpaulin so you sleep dry and protected. You can find all the information here.
  • Is it possible to stay overnight in the "Zent am Zauberwald"?"
    Yes, from 2022. However, you can already marvel at the glamping tent. The BergBaur will be happy to tell you exactly where to find it. Take a little walk to the magic forest. In a few minutes you will find out the secret.
  • What do you mean by "food porn"?"
    The BergBaur and porn? Are you not serious? No, sorry, but our kitchen is just as awesome. For the BergBaur, your physical well-being is at the top of the agenda. Everything "with a twist". More info here.
  • What do you have to eat and drink?
    There are freshly cooked alpine classics that we combine with modern dishes. We also celebrate "Grandma Nilla's Kaiserschmarrn from 1936". Do you want to take a look at our food porn menu? More info here.
  • Can I eat with you if I don't stay overnight?"
    Well, what of! The BergBaur loves its guests - even if it's just for a drink or a Kaiserschmarrn.
  • Is "Oma Nilla's Kitchen Table" really in your kitchen?"
    Not quite - we're still planning. Coming soon!
  • Can we also come with children?
    Of course, I'd love to. The secluded location with no traffic, lots of space and close proximity to nature are great for a break with children. Our prices also make it easy for you.
  • Are dogs welcome at BergBaur?
    Logo, we love dogs and have one too: Lilo! If you need a cool dog bowl, a cozy blanket or a doggie bag - we have it all.
  • Do you have animals on the farm?
    Yes, the BergBaur Farm cares for its cows, pigs and chickens.
  • Why do you pigs live in a palace?
    Everyone as they deserve! You can live like this at BergBaur.
  • Do you have the chicken board eggs on the breakfast buffet?
    Yes, the fresh eggs come every morning directly from our hen house on the farm.
  • What can you find in the "BergBaur Spa"?"
    The BergBaur Spa is in Farmer's Home and offers what is really good for you: a great relaxation program. We heat up the Finnish steam sauna with a smooth 90°C and the infrared sauna for you. You can let off steam in the steam bath or bubble in the two lively whirlpools. You can relax with fresh BergBaur spring water in one of the three relaxation rooms with a great view of the mountains. Oh yes: there are of course four showers, a massage room, a solarium and toilets. Any other wishes?
  • Are there bathrobes and towels?
    Bath towels are available for free. If you would like a cozy bathrobe, we will be happy to provide you with one for the duration of your stay (€10/person/stay)
  • A beach club in the mountains. For real?
    Sure! The Alpine Beach Club awaits you right next to Farmer's Home: get a cool soda or a beer from the DailyDeli and relax on the sun lounger, the beanbag or in the hammock. There are also parasols, bath towels and chilled lounge music.
  • Can you swim in the "smallest mountain lake in the Alps"?"
    Of course, that's why we made the bathing pond: Swim in the smallest mountain lake in the Alps - in summer for refreshment, in winter between sauna sessions.
  • The sky swing sounds dangerous. is that her
    In the Alpine Beach Club, the large, black sky swing is waiting for you and you swing relaxed towards the 3000m peaks. Just hold on and let's go. Fun and relaxed!
  • The Schwitz Kamal sounds pretty warm? What's happening there?
    Right. The Schwitz Kamal is a small, rustic log cabin with a Finnish sauna. You can find it in the Alpine Beach Club right next to the natural bathing pond. You simply make the infusion with aromatic oils yourself - depending on your taste. Between sauna sessions you can rest in the Schwitz Kamal relaxation room, climb into the cold pot behind the hut or take a dip in the cooling bathing pond.
  • Can you swim and relax in the sauna with you?
    Yes, as a house guest you can use the BergBaur Spa with whirlpools, Finnish sauna and steam bath free of charge. In the garden you will find the Alpine Beach Club with the smallest mountain lake in the Alps, the Schwitz Kamal (log cabin sauna), the black sky swing and plenty of space to chill, read and chat. If you haven't (yet) stayed at the BergBaur, you can enjoy all of this for just a few euros. deal?
  • Are you in the middle of the Hohe Tauern National Park?
    Right in the middle.
  • How far away are Europe's largest waterfalls in Krimml?
    The Krimml Waterfalls are amazing and the BergBaur is only 12 km away. It takes 15 minutes by car, 60 minutes by bike and about 2.5 hours on foot. We would be happy to tell you our insider tips on how to best experience this natural highlight.
  • Can you recommend the Grossglockner High Alpine Road?
    And how! The "Glocknerstraße", as we call it, is the absolute highlight of the Alpine roads. The highest paved pass road in Austria is 48 km long and crosses the mighty main ridge of the Alps. Every kilometer and every one of the 36 hairpin bends is a pleasure! Ride to Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe. From here you have a view of Austria's highest mountain, which at 3,798 meters towers over the largest glacier in the Eastern Alps, the nine-kilometer-long Pasterze. Our tip: BergBaur guests receive the National Park Summer Card MOBIL for a stay of the 1st night or more (including the day of arrival and departure). The big hit: the day ticket (EUR 37.50) for the Großglockner High Alpine Road does not cost you a penny as a BergBaur guest and is already included in the summer card.
  • How far away is the ski area and where can you buy ski passes?
    You can reach the valley station of the Wildkogel Arena in 5 minutes by car or free ski bus. If the Kitzbühel ski area (Panoramabahn valley station) appeals to you, you can be there in 15 minutes by car. You can reach the Zillertal Arena (Königsleiten/Gerlosplatte) in about 20 minutes. You can easily get the ski passes at the respective valley station or online from the ski areas.
  • Where is the best place to store your ski or bike equipment?
    Well, with us. You can conveniently store your equipment for summer and winter sports in our "Brettl & Radl" storage room, safe and dry - free of charge. You can find the room under "Farmer's Residence" directly at the parking garage.
  • Do you also rent mountain bikes, e-bikes, toboggans and snowshoes?"
    There are real professionals in town: Sport Herzog
  • Where can I go winter hiking, tobogganing or snowshoeing?"
    You can start winter hikes and snowshoe tours directly at BergBaur. And did you know that the toboggan run of superlatives is just around the corner: at 14 km, the longest floodlit toboggan run in the world awaits you. Treat yourself to this fun every day until 10 p.m. You can easily reach the starting point of the toboggan run via the Smaragdbahn Wildkogel from Bramberg. A descent takes about 45 minutes - if you don't stay a little longer in one of the huts and bars along the way. Winter hiking trails Neukirchen Winter hiking Neukirchen Tobogganing in Neukirchen Snowshoe hiking in Neukirchen Cross-country skiing Neukirchen Cross-country skiing Neukirchen
  • Is there a ski rental?
    You can rent the right ski and snowboard here: Sport Herzog, Intersport Harms, Alpensports, Sports & More Unterwurzacher.
  • Where is the nearest ski school?
    Very close, just a few minutes away from BergBaur: Kreidl ski school or Neukirchen Ski School.
  • Can you experience the Hohe Tauern National Park with a ranger?
    You want to discover your personal places of power: waterfalls, lonely glacier tongues, show mines and the highest peaks in Austria are waiting for you to find your own adventure. Experience Austria's largest and oldest national park on a tour with the national park ranger. The BergBaur will be happy to share his tips with you.
  • Can you do mountain tours on the Großvenediger or the Großglockner?
    And yes! The ultimate for climbers who are fit and sure-footed is a mountain tour to the highest peaks in Austria. At 3,657 m, the Großvenediger is the highest mountain in the province of Salzburg. For a long time it was considered invincible and even the Großglockner, the highest mountain in Austria at 3,798 m, was conquered years before the Großvenediger. You can find the best guides for a safe ascent here.
  • Do you have a curling rink?
    Yes, we have our own curling rink right behind Farmer's Residence. In winter we play once a week.

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Lives in "Farmer's Home" or in "Farmer's Residence" with 30 cosy, simple rooms and apartments. The BergBaur Spa with sauna, steam bath and whirlpools, the DailyDeli restaurant with delicious food porn from Alpine-inspired cuisine and the casual Alpine Beach Club with the Schwitz Kamal, the black sky swing and the smallest mountain lake in the Alps are ready for you. Only one thing around you: endless nature with a view that stretches for miles and aromatic mountain air. That's really grounding. Clever as the BergBaur is, he built his farm right here. And what the pig palace, the palm house and the tent in the magic forest are all about, we'll tell you in a moment.

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BergBaur would not exist without our dear grandmother Nilla: She helped out here on the farm as early as 1936 - courageous, spirited, full of life and also a bit crazy. She had visions and it was she who realized the first ski lift in the region. We owe her so much and not only carry her in our hearts, but are happy to share her story with you.

what grandma nilla started in 1936 -
bergbaur's history


BergBaur would not exist without our dear grandmother Nilla: She helped out here on the farm as early as 1936 - courageous, spirited, full of life and also a bit crazy. She had visions and it was she who realized the first ski lift in the region. We owe her so much and not only carry her in our hearts, but are happy to share her story with you.

what grandma nilla started in 1936 -
bergbaur's history

BergBaur has always attached great importance to hygiene. Our guests always find that really great. Our hygiene concept therefore did not have to be expanded significantly during and after Corona. So that you feel completely safe and that the BergBaur team can also work well protected, we have the most important points for check-in, staying in all public rooms, details on room hygiene, everything important about the culinary art and the simple rules in the BergBaur Spa and Alpine Beach Club summarized for you.


It goes without saying that we treat our planet as sustainably as possible. We are certified with the Austrian eco-label and are in the process of developing the European eco-label. For us, sustainability begins quite simply and logically with the support of the farmers in our region. Whenever possible, we buy their delicious, lovingly made products. It goes without saying that we are also a member of the local fruit and horticultural association and tend to plants that preserve the fruit culture of Oberpinzgau. Do you actually know that our water supply is also an absolute hit: fresh spring water has not traveled a long way with us. The source is just a few meters from the farm - right next to our magic forest.

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Whether nature freaks, daydreamers, lovers, globetrotters, sloths, weekend connoisseurs, travelers passing through, camping fans, mountain hikers, stargazers or just normal family people.

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The whole BergBaur world is also available in a cool magazine: "Adventure Mag". You will learn fun details about the farmer family, get to see the most beautiful impressions of our region and real insider tips for unique leisure adventures, you can bake Grandma Helga's world-famous Kaiserschmarrn and read about the many special features of our farm. Our magazine is published once a year - free of charge for you!

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