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food porn

Eat & Drink

Our kitchen.

Really Porn?

No, sorry, but our kitchen is just as awesome. For the BergBaur, your physical well-being is at the top of the agenda. Do you want to take a look at our food porn menu? Then click on the menu and you will find all the information about our delicacies there.

Delicious breakfast

When the cock crows, you just roll over and go back to sleep. In the meantime, the BergBaur is preparing a small, fine gourmet market for you. Discover the best ingredients for your breakfast there: homemade muesli with fresh fruit, delicious mountain cheese, homemade jams, freshly laid free-range eggs and the finest honey. Enjoy the freshly baked BergBaur bread, grab fruit and vegetables or the juice bar to your heart's content and try the juicy ham from the local butcher. Coffee is like it used to be: freshly ground and freshly brewed filter coffee from Grandma Nilla's mugs.

delicious all day long

Our DailyDeli is a tasteful mix of café, restaurant, bar and lounge. A place to relax, enjoy and chat. Since the DailyDeli is open for you from early in the morning until late in the evening, hunger and thirst will be satisfied. Delicious favorite dishes from the Alps, combined with casual dishes from all over the world and the coolest drinks are freshly prepared by the BergBaur and served in a friendly manner. Or get drinks and finger food and enjoy them in the Alpine Beach Club, the small beer garden or on the piazza by the palm house - all just a few steps away from the DailyDeli. As a side dish there is always a nice portion of "Crazy Farming" for free.