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love at first

(dog) look

You only exist with a dog? No problem, just bring your four-legged friend to us! We love dogs - and with Lilo we have one too. The BergBaur offers two and four-legged friends relaxation together, great walks and numerous little adventures. With us, your darling has enough space to let off steam and discover the surrounding nature. Explore the enchanted forest together with your fluffy friend, experience little adventures and literally stretch all fours of you in the Alpine Beach Club.

Tips & tricks for the perfect stay

Dogs are very welcome in the lovely BergBaur area. From the Kamal and Apartment to the Alpine Beach Club, the Piazza and the Beer Garden to our RV sites, you can take them anywhere. No matter how big or small the paws are, they leave imprints in our hearts for eternity. But please not in our Kamal. After your walks and adventures you will find a box with towels at our dog washing area to clean your four-legged friend. So that your companions feel really comfortable with us, we are happy to provide bowls, dog cuddly cushions and doggie bags on request. Insider tips for a great BergBaur holiday with your dog are free!

Lilo's favorite walk route: 

Our dear Lilo loves to take our guests on their favorite walkies route and shows us where their favorite spots are in nature. First, it goes between the palm house and the sausage maker along the path to the mobile home parking spaces. From there left further across the meadow to the path towards Taubenstein farm, and the whole thing back again. Walking time approx. 30 min - be careful, always uphill. Don't forget the bag for the snack! ... and of course treats for when you're hungry in between!

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